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Meet Dr. Johnson

Dr. Johnson graduated from the College of Dentistry at Howard University in 1990. She has practiced the specialty of Periodontics since graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina’s College of Dental Medicine, with a Master in Health Science Degree in 1995.

Dr. Johnson was an Assistant Professor of the Department of Stomatology, Division of Periodontics at Medical University of South Carolina for several years. Her practice experience working with patients with multiple medical/systemic links in Periodontics spurred her interest in sleep-related breathing disorders and how this is linked to many serious life-changing / life-threatening diseases, such as diabetes, cardiac arrhythmias, heart attacks, dementia, hypertension and even certain forms of cancer. 

As a result of her having taken over hundreds of hours in training, her background and training in this field, Dr. Johnson practices by working closely with Board Certified Sleep Physicians, Medical Doctors and Dentists, by using various customized oral appliances to help improve and maintain an adequate airway, thereby improving the patients quality of sleep and overall health.

Karen E. Johnson, DDS, MHS

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